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Even in these uncertain times, we give you the assurance that you can still travel and discover the world with confidence. From dreams, to plans, to booking, we accompany you every step of the way. In response to the changed world, we have improved our security protocols and offer you flexible and risk-free booking conditions.


Can I travel? Where and when can I travel?

We have more than 60 different trips planned from October 2020 to December 2021. Let one of our expert travel advisors help you choose the right trip at the right time. Call or send us an email today and together we will find the best travel solution.

What happens if I want to change or cancel my booking?

Not a financial hangover! Our flexible booking terms allow you to secure your trip with a fully refundable deposit or voucher, while also giving you the option to change your travel plans, as long as travel restrictions apply. (note: for flights we have to pass on the change or cancellation costs of the relevant airline)

In these uncertain times, how do I know if my money is safe?

Keolis travel is a member of the travel guarantee fund (GFG). Thanks to the financial strength of our firm, we can give you the assurance that your money is safe with us.



How do I stay healthy while traveling ? Our team is responsible for the quality requirements of all hotels, suppliers and locations during every trip. Quality controls Ensure that all travel partners comply with WHO regulations. When you take the plane, you are Always reassured that the major Airlines have a good safety standard and guarantee all standards. Our customers and passengers of our buses and taxis also expect this from us. Security on the road, Keolis ISO standards, our strict maintenance plans for our vehicles, and more recently, the disinfection of the passengers' spaces are criteria that make part of Keolis new quality label.

Your well-being is our priority. Our WE CARE program, as well as our dedicated support team that is always active 24/7. Your driver is trained to Ensure that your transport is handled hygienically. They take you easily from one destination to another and clean an disinfect all surfaces of the coach before and during your journey. See video below.

Disinfectant handgel is also free available in the coach. We ask our guests to bring their own mouth mask. Our coaches are equipped with airfilters that are inspected and cleaned daily and replaces regularly. These built-in filters help purify the air while your travel.

The disinfection procedure of the vehicles follows the ordinary cleaning procedure. Therefore, the coach, bus, etc., still have to be cleaned according to the usual instructions. The goal of this procedure is the disinfection of areas regularly touched by drivers and passengers.

What support is there during the trip? You always have a team cosisting of your guide, driver and our traveladvisors at your service. They monitor compliance with our hygiene protocols and the well-being of our customers.

Will the attractions and sites I want to see be open? Our team will constantly evaluate and optimize your travel schedule and work towards a Keolis Travel worthy travel program.

What if I or a fellow traveler gets sick?
Should an incident occur during a trip, protocols are available 24/7. We will assist with repatriation and contact the local authorities, following country guidelines.

How many other people will be traveling with you?
We will be conducting all journeys in 2021 with a number of empty seats, to ensure that we can maintain sufficient physical distance.

What if the borders close while I'm abroad?
Our team is up to date and continues to adapt to the changing regulations of the health authorities and local governments. They will make behind-the-scenes changes so you can enjoy your trip without any worries. Traveling soon? Check out the latest travel conditions before you go!

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