Remembrance Tour: The Battle of the Bulge

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Departure 08:00

Saturday (in May, June, July, August and September) - Duration: 10H00

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This is a tour for history buffs! 1944 the western front was collapsing! The Battle of the Bulge was the last major Nazi offensive. Hitler hoped to split the American, British and Canadian forces by launching his last surprise attack through the forests of Luxembourg and the Ardennes. This tour takes you out to the foxholes, Bastogne and General Patton’s tomb in Luxemburg.

During the 100 miles’ drive to the battlefield our guide gives an overview of the Canadian, American, Russian and British offensives that lead to the battle.  In Bastogne we take you to McAuliffe Square and see the bronze statue of General McAuliffe alongside a Sherman Battle Tank. The minuscule town is known for its significant role in the battle of the Bulge.

We call at the famous Mardasson Memorial honoring the memory of all allied soldiers wounded or killed during the Battle of the Bulge. The monument is designed in the shape of a five-pointed American star. The Bastogne War Museum is the must-see.  Apart from lunch facilities the museum offers a lot of comprehensible information. We also pay a respectful visit to one of the sober and subdued German cemeteries and we show you the fox holes dug by the 101 airborne division close to the village of Foy.

We drive across the Luxembourg border to Hamm where we visit the breathtaking American cemetery as well as the tomb of General Patton.

In order to wind up in beauty we have a leisurely stroll through the old city of Luxemburg. You see  the cathedral, the Palace of the Grand Duke. In the lower part of the city we show you a trail of casemates, the abbey of Neunmünster, the city walls and the picturesque sites along the river Alzette.

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B 1000 BRUSSELS (Belgium)

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