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In Holland you expect to see windmills, bikes, canals, cheese and clogs. After this tour you will have seen it all. First-time  visiting Holland? This tour offers a formidable introduction. You probably know the famous picture of 19 ancient windmills along the waterfront. Well this tour takes you right there and it is at the village of Kinderdijk that we make our first stop for a guided walk.   

In Amsterdam you discover the highlights by boat. The 75-minutes’ audio guided canal cruise is optional but very much recommended as an excellent way to see the city from a different perspective. After the boat tour it is time to take a walk but don’t call it a break!  We provide you with a map and an itinerary which your guide has drafted specially for you. With this self-guided tour and at your own pace you can combine your leisure time with some of the highlights which cannot be seen from the waterside and which cannot be visited in groups. You  will of course see the Royal Palace and the famous red-light district. Hipsters can even pop into a coffee shop.  

Grasmarkt, 61, Rue du Marché aux Herbes
B 1000 BRUSSELS (Belgium)

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