Cologne & Monschau

Full-day Tours
Departure 08:00


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After crossing the German border we enjoy the natural beauty of the Eifel mountain region. We stop at the picturesque  town of Monschau, the "Pearl of the Eifel”. Narrow, cobblestoned streets and traditional half-timbered houses make this place a very charming tourist destination. We take you on an easy walk along the river bank from where all of the main sights can be enjoyed. During your free time you can taste the local sweet: Aachner Printen. Close-by are the remains of the German defenses at the Western front of 1945. We drive to Cologne. Apart from Christmas markets and Carnival, Cologne has much more to offer to the  120 million tourists that visit the city every year. After lunch we start our walk through the old city. We only mention the highlights of our guided walk: the cathedral, the City Hall, the Roman walls, the Roman-Germanic museum, the beautiful banks of the Rhine. We even discover the mystery of the world famous Eau de cologne perfume. During your free time in the shopping streets you should try the famous  local 'Kölsch' beer  

Grasmarkt, 61, Rue du Marché aux Herbes
B 1000 BRUSSELS (Belgium)

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